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The first in a series of articles and research papers proposing an alternative trajectory. Identifying the manual and mechanical handling link to force-related tissue damage in both patients and carers during present inbed care practices. Click here to view the paper.


A limited number of Free USB sticks are available which contain educational videos on the Phil-e-slide Biotechsis “inbed” Care Management System


to share and view with your peers and clients


for a limited period a FREE set (of two) New Phil-e-slide Enabler Slide Mitts with every two sets of Biotechsis Basic Systems purchased


Pressure Sores-Bed Surface Technology, Plan “B” The missing Link,is coming soon.Click here to find out more


The Biotechsis “inbed” Care Management System is designed to make it easier for the
carer to give and provide a friendlier and more effective Care Management of clients
and patients in bed.

The complete System consists of:-

  • Bed Mattress Covers
  • Bed sheets
  • Pillow case (standard size)
  • Patient Turning Aids
  • Incontinence slide
  • Twister Pillow Systems

A multifunctional “inbed” Care Management System with an intuitive yet versatile design that makes it so much more than the sum of its parts in the management of Moving and Handling, Positioning, Pressure Area Care, Infection Control, Incontinence and Body and Limb support.

Our Biotechsis products have QR codes printed on them so you can use your smart phone or tablet to scan and connect to our website and watch our product videos – wherever you are*.

You can download a Free QR reader (QR code scanner app) to your smart phone or tablet by clicking on the following appropriate App store button below.

*Within an area of Wi-Fi or 3G reception.

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