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The forgotten question when assessing patient in-bed care!

When discussing patient ‘in-bed care’ it is easy to overlook the bed environment and the fact that the bed linen is an integral part of that care.

Yes, it might be remembered that a turning aid is needed, or an incontinence slide required, but how many patient assessments in hospitals, care homes and in patients’ own homes look at whether the bed linen is enhancing or harming the care being given?

A complete in-bed care management system typically includes the following items:

· Bed mattress covers
· Bed sheets
· Pillow case
· Patient turning aids
· Incontinence slide
· Multiple pillow systems

Evidence-based best practice in-bed care management systems, should be of an intuitive design that enables the individual parts to work together in the management of safe care and movement of both patients and carers.

So the next time you undertake an assessment of a patient and their in-bed care, add an additional question: ‘Is the bed linen system enhancing or harming the care being given?’

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